Key parenting strategies based on the research

Do you want to support your child’s learning and well-being – but lack the strategies to do so? A Parent’s Guide to the Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Parent Needs to Know is for you.

Parents can have a much bigger impact on their child’s school career than many know. So, after publishing two highly praised books for students and teachers respectively, it seemed only right to write one to help parents understand what research says about the role they can play, and to actually do it.

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This book includes 77 carefully selected studies that can help improve your understanding of psychological research, as well as tips on improving memory, mindset, self-regulation, and many more.

Although there is a plethora of research on the science of learning out there, it is not common for parents to have access to it. One wouldn’t know where to start to look or how to sift through hundreds, if not thousands of articles. We have made them easy to understand by pointing out to the results and what impact they carry with the help of eye-catching graphics and easily readable format.

From helping them squash their procrastination habits to praising them the right way, tips to study better or navigating social relationships, we believe the studies and strategies included in this book can help you become your child’s biggest supporter.

To help you out, we have also split the topics into 6 areas:

  • Memory – Strategies to help your child learn more effectively.
  • Mindset, Motivation and Resilience – Ideas to promote your child’s persistence and will to improve.
  • Self-Regulation and Metacognition – Helping your child to understand, analyse and choose helpful thought processes.
  • Student Behaviours – The key habits and processes that will make a meaningful difference to your child.
  • Parenting – The behaviours and habits you can develop to support your child day to day.
  • Thinking Biases – Unhelpful thinking quirks that may get in the way of your child’s learning, well-being and performance.


So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy of A Parent’s Guide to the Science of Learning to start developing top parenting habits, with the help of research.

Do you want a sneak peek into the book before you do? Make sure to check out some of the studies mentioned in the book:

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