Using the power of research to develop better learners

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InnerDrive's books for students, parents and teachers: award-winning 'Release Your Inner Drive' and 'The Science of Learning'Release Your Inner Drive: everything you need to know about how to get good at stuff

Release Your Inner Drive is an award-winning book aimed at students, parents and teachers. Using the latest research, it’s a fun and accessible guide to help students reach their full potential. Covering subjects such as learning from failure, performing under pressure, revising better, looking after yourself or harnessing the benefits of sleep, it can help students develop into independent and successful learners.

"This advice is evidence-based and has been distilled from high-quality research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. I have never come across a clearer explanation for students of how to handle the complexities of motivation, mindset and performance." – Jonnie Noakes, Head of Teaching and Learning at Eton College


The Science of Learning: 77 studies that every teacher needs to know

The Science of Learning distils all the key research from cognitive psychology into 77 studies, translated to plain English for educators. With a widely accessible format and practical classroom application tips, this book empowers teachers with the best support for their work. Based on six categories (Memory, Self-Regulation & Metacognition, Teacher Attitude, Behaviour & Expectations, Student Behaviours and Thinking Biases), it’s a much-needed resource for primary and secondary teachers who want to help students improve how they learn, think and feel.

This book will prove irresistible to anyone keen to understand more about essential educational research findings in the most accessible manner possible. An absolute must for every school.– Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive at The Chartered College of Teaching