The big ideas, beautifully illustrated

Mary Myatt has called it the “best synthesis of cognitive science ever.” Darren Leslie has called it “pure gold for every teacher.” Peps McCrea has called it “a warm bath for your brain.”

We call it one of our proudest achievements.

Our latest book, Teaching & Learning Illuminated is out now!

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Why this book?

If you like our resources, you will love this book. We believe that all educators should be able to engage with crucial research and develop great, practical strategies based on it. That’s why we have worked hard to make Teaching & Learning Illuminated a celebration of all things Teaching & Learning as well as a book you’ll want to pick up again and again.

With this book, we aim to illuminate the key areas of research and ideas we believe all teachers can benefit from, in a way that makes them interesting, understandable and usable in the classroom.

What does this book look like?

In a nutshell: beautifully illustrated graphics accompanied by clear descriptions of key Teaching & Learning research and ideas.


Each spread features both a graphic distilling some of the most important principles of how we learn accompanied by text that adds detail and nuance.

There are 13 chapters:

  1. Memory and Learning
  2. Retrieval Practice
  3. Spacing & Interleaving
  4. Cognitive Load Theory
  5. What’s next for Cognitive Science?
  6. Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction
  7. Getting answers to your questions
  8. Feedback
  9. Motivation & Resilience
  10. Preparing to learn
  11. What all teachers (but especially Senior Leaders) need to know
  12. What all teachers (but especially primary teachers) need to know
  13. Thinking biases

We often jokingly refer to ourselves as “Google Translate for education research.” We’re aware that education research can be daunting, opaque, and time-consuming to engage with. With this book, we aim to make it clear to understand through the graphics and to give you the tools you need to use it.

We didn’t stop at the content, though. We wanted this to be a coffee table book, a beautiful object you’ll enjoy reading and want to come back to. So, it’s big, it’s hardback, and it’s colourful. We’re very grateful for the trust of our publishers in letting us go off the beaten path.


Order your copy of Teaching & Learning Illuminated now

We absolutely loved making this book and hope you enjoy reading it just as much. It would mean the world to us if you would order your copy.

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What top educators have said about Teaching & Learning Illuminated

Best synthesis of cognitive science ever” – Mary Myatt, education writer, speaker, founder of Myatt & Co

Visual learning at its best” – John Hattie, Melbourne Laureate Professor Emeritus, author of the best-selling Visible Learning series

Absolutely illuminating” – Jenny Griffiths, Research and Knowledge Manager, Teach First

Game changing” – Jade Pearce, Director of Programmes and author of What Every Teacher Needs to Know

Seminal” – Henry Houston, Director at Teach East SCITT

Heavy concepts made incredibly accessible” – Lekha Sharma, author of Curriculum to Classroom

Enlightening” – Dr Claire Badger, Assistant Head, Teaching & Learning at the Godolphin & Latymer School

Complex research beautifully rendered” – Dr Carl Hendrick, author of How Learning Happens

Expertly clarifies complex concepts” – Sarah Cottingham, MA Educational Neuroscience, Associate Dean at the Ambition Institute

A warm bath for your brain” – Peps McCrea, Dean at the Ambition Institute, Director at StepLab, author of the High Impact Teaching series

Infographabulous” – Paul Kirschner, Professor Emeritus Open University of the Netherlands, Guest Professor Thomas More University of Applied Science (Antwerp, Belgium), Owner at Kirschner-Ed

Pure gold for every teacher” – Darren Leslie, PT Teaching & Learning, host of the Becoming Educated podcast

Exceptional!” – Rhiannon Rainbow, School Improvement Leader, co-founder of #GLTBookClub

Visually stunning, intellectually stimulating” – Mark Roberts, Director of Research, English teacher at Carrickfergus Grammar School

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