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You can find a shorter recap of our conference on our blog, but this ebook takes a more in-depth look into what was discussed.
We think that everything we learnt at our Growth Mindset conference with Kingston Grammar School was too good to keep it to ourselves, or to squeeze all the thought-provoking, inspiring, and useful things our speakers discussed into a few paragraphs.
With this ebook, you can take your time to read it all, and learn everything about Growth Mindset.

In there, you can expect to find:

  • An evidence-based look at what Growth Mindset really means, and what it can do;
  • Practical strategies to implement a Growth Mindset at your school, from leading education experts;
  • Stories of resilience and improvement from Team GB’s most decorated female athlete;
  • An explanation of the latest research on mindset;
  • Resources to get students involved in their learning.

You could also win a (real) book!

If you download this ebook before December 17th, 2018, you’ll automatically be entered in our giveaway.
You could win:

  • A signed copy of one of our favourite education books, CleverLands, signed by author Lucy Crehan. Her talk at our conference was incredibly informative, but the knowledge about international education systems gathered in her book is a goldmine.
  • A signed copy of our award-winning book Release Your Inner Drive, full of evidence-based practical strategies to develop tools for success, explained with easily accessible graphics.
  • Or you could, unfortunately, get nothing… but you’ll still have a free ebook!

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