The power of routine

Some of the most common worries we've heard from teachers and parents this year are: how do we keep students engaged in their learning? How do we protect their mental well-being? How do we get them to develop a healthy routine when they can't get to school?

We at InnerDrive think that goal-setting, self-awareness and accountability are key. To help students develop these, we have made these free printable worksheets to help students set themselves long- and short-term goals and track how well they're doing.

Free goal setting worksheets for students

How does this work?

In this folder, you will find two printable worksheets:

  • "My goals for this week" - Every Monday, students should fill it with their goals for this week, and smaller sub-goals that will help them achieve what they're aiming for. Every Friday, they should review it to see how well they did and start thinking about goals for the next week. This is perfect to fill out with a parent or someone else who will keep them accountable - there even is space to write down how that person can help students achieve their goals.
  • "How well did I do today?" - This worksheet should be filled at the end of every day. It will help students track the good habits they should develop and the bad habits they should get rid of, reflect on the positive parts of the day and plan for the following day.

Download your free goal-setting worksheets

Click the button below to download a folder containing both worksheets in PDF format. If you have any issues with your download, please email us and we'll do our best to help.

Download the worksheets

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